Course Fee - 3500

Course Fee - 3200

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Never underesmate the importance of UPSC Prelims. Only 3 out of 100 candidates who appear for Prelims, clear the cut-off score. Yes, the 'Prelims Hurdle' has gradually become difficult but you should also understand that Preliminary stage is actually just a qualifying stage. Therefore, one should study for Prelims in such a manner that it somehow contributes more to Mains Stage than just merely allowing to write that examinaon.


Importance of a Test Series:

Test Series plays most important role in clearing any competitive exams UPSC needs structured and focused Hard Work and dedication. How much you study doesn't sloly matters here,What also matters is how much practice that you did before the exams and test series fulfill their need for this purpose. To say simply , TEST SERIES are the Key to Success and the more tests you practice, More chances or clearing the exam. When you attempt these tests there should be utmost sincerity, in fact an exam like environment is more suitable.

Prelims Success Series(Test Series)

We have come up with a comprehensive approach which includes Test Series plan for revision and retention and classes to create Knowledge base, to learn techniques and traits.We finaly believe that all these elements along with your sincerty and dedication will result into Success at Preliminary Stage.The approach of preparation through questions, strategising your prepration according to Cyclical plan will give you confidence to perform on June 2nd 2019.

Our Aim

The series has been designed in such a manner that above discussed notions are covered and for that we have planned group mentorship and counseling . The prime focus of this plan and the institute is conversion of hard work into result and we commit to work hard to strive towards excellence.conversion of hard work into result and we commit to work hard to strive towards excellence. Do you? If yes then come join hands and let us work together.

Prelims Success Series

This plan is customized for those aspirants who possess potential and are focused and determined to be a Civil Servant but have been stuck at the “preliminary hurdle” We know that you have put effort to get through preliminary stage but somehow you have not been able to. We respect the desire and determination which you have, we know that you are a fighter and this is the reason that we have named this plan as a fighter series plan. In this plan we accommodate those aspirants belong with the Freshers, who have gone through the hassle of preliminary more than once but couldn't write the mains examination.We assume that you have gone through the syllabus of preliminary round more than once, you are well equipped with the knowledge base but due to lack of proper revision, plan and guidance you have somehow not been able to. This plan has been made a􀅌er doing immense research from the data of various students all over India and we very firmly believe that if you are able to cope up with the speed of this plan and show your utmost sincerity to this then you will definitely clear the preliminary stage this year. We believe in you. All we want is that you believe in yourself. The Plan has been divided in 3 cycles. So we ensure that you Learn & revise the entire syllabus 3 times in the due course of 100 days

What is Preliminary stage of Civil Services Examination?


What is Syllabus for Preliminary Stage?

UPSC Syllabus for Paper I (200 marks) Duraon: Two hours (Counted for the merit rank in the Prelims).

UPSC Syllabus for Paper II- (200 marks) Duraon: Two hours (Not counted for the merit rank in Prelims but a qualifying Paper; just needs 33% marks).

Course Fee - 3500

Course Fee - 3200

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Educator, Mentor & Author

Mr. Vikash Ranjan has emerged as a versatile genius in Teaching and Writing books on Sociology & General Studies. His Sociological Themes and Perspectives are excellent. His teaching aptitude is Simple, Easy and Exam Focused. Under his Expert Guidance many students have achieved success in civil services. In the Civil Service Exam 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 2014, 2015 & 2016 his guidance has helped many toppers to reserve their dream space in the final list. He has written and edited good number of Books for Civil Services. To mention a few- "Fundamental of Sociology" (For CSE Mains), "Applied Sociology" (For CSE Mains), "National Issues of Social, Economic and Political Relevance", "Survey of Health, Women and Child Development in India", "Indian Heritage and Culture-Themes & Perspectives".

about TriumphIAS


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We, at Triumph IAS, believe that each Individual Aspirant is unique and requires Individual Guidance and Care. We prepare students keeping in mind his or her strength and weakness. We also cater to the needs of the students who are willing to join different State Civil Services. This intense focus on each individual's strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our GS Mains Modules (GSMM) & GS Prelims Modules (GSPM) as well as Essay and Sociology Optional Courses and has been the single most crucial factor in helping thousands of our students to achieve unprecedented success over the years.


For us, at Triumph IAS, STUDENTS COME FIRST. And, from our experience, we know that CSE preparation is not an end in itself. Students choose CSE as a means to fulfill their career and long term life goals. We are committed to partnering with students to help them make the right Preparatory choices which help them reach their long-term goals. We have people with rich background in the field of CSE test preparation. We offer quality, exam focused education and guidance to enable every deserving individual match aspirations with career goals.

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