• Dear Aspirants,
  • Once Again Most of the QUESTIONS in CSE Mains SOCIOLOGY asked as per OUR Expectations & Teachings. In Most of the Questions Simple Brainstorming on SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS, THEORIES & SOCIAL FACTS ARE REQUIRED.
  • More than 95% Questions are Directly or Indirectly asked from SOCIOOGY CLASS DISCUSSIONS, TEST PAPERS & SELF PRACTICE WORK-BOOKS. This shows high rate of Predictability in Sociology Question Pattern IN COMPARISON TO OTHER HUMANITIES SUBJECTS LIKE GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, POLITICAL SCIENCE etc.
  • In SOCIOLOGY OPTIONAL PAPER, there are LIMITED NUMBER of THEORY & ONLY SIX THINKERS. There are LIMITED NUMBER OF CONCEPTS & FACTS. UPSC- IAS ASPIRANTS simply need to Read & Understand these LIMITED NUMBER OF CONCEPTS, THINKERS & SOCIAL FACTS & REGULARLY and do Brainstorm on Previous Year Questions on Regular basis to Perform in Examination.
  • Every INDIVIDUAL has SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATIONS.I MEAN, every member of Society is A Sociologists. While Preparing for this subject and writing Answers ONE/YOU should simply Colour YOUR Sociological Imaginations with Imaginations of the THINKERS. These THINKERS were born & brought up in the Society, So you can find lots of Concurrence between your thinking & Thinking of the THINKERS.
  • Theory application with reference to CURRENT SOCIAL FCTS are a common type of analytical writing assigned in SOCIOLOGY CLASSES and TESTS @ TRIUMPH IAS. UPSC Evaluators  expect you to apply sociological theories (sometimes called "perspectives" or "arguments") to empirical phenomena called SOCIAL FACTS.
  • All future IAS ASPIRANTS based in Delhi are invited to Write CSE MAINS 2018 SOCIOLOGY OPTIONAL PAPER on 13th October at TRIUMPH IAS CENTER  and get Personal Mentorship Session by Vikash Ranjan Sir. IAS ASPIRANTS outside Delhi can download the Paper Linked  below & Write and Send us on After Evaluation you will Get a Personalised Feedback by VIKASH RANJAN SIR.

  • Download Paper 1

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