Abhishek Khanna ,CSE’17 (IAS)


Superb Performance by My Student Abhishek Khanna From JHUNJHUNU district of RAJSTHAN in CSE 2017.. [Enrolled in “SOCIOLOGY For IAS” June 2017 Batch]. He has got MOKSHA Rank for #IAS at the Age of 23 in the very 2nd Attempt.

Today, I had hours long interaction with Abhishek on different aspects CSE preparation & post selection Changes as well as Challenges…Despite not completing GS & Sociology Question Papers, Only because of his Focus on Quality Content in his Answers [Contextual, Applied & Novel Answers] he achieved this milestone. Different from trend of writing all answers with average modelled content, he tried his best to give quality inputs in the answers he wrote.

My suggestion to all future Aspirants of CSE 2018-19… “Life doesn’t require that We be the best, only that we try our Best”.


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